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In this episode, Justin talks with Lindsay Stewart and Michael Eagar, co-founders of the Cornerstone International Property Fund.

The fund is a multi-million dollar vehicle which allows retail and wholesale investors the ability to tap into lucrative US residential housing market, for as little as $50K. Through the fund, investors in Australia can have simplified access to the US property market, eliminating taxation and the need for opening US entities.

The fund aims to revolutionise investment opportunities for people looking to access residential property across the mainland United States. The initial focus of the fund will be on single residential dwellings in four states including: Florida, Texas, Michigan and Missouri. The team’s strategy is to identify suitable properties in the US, renovate or “flip” them quickly and sell for profit with the margin being deployed into the fund.

Founders and directors Lindsay Stewart and Michael Eagar have designed the fund to address the complexities and challenges associated with traditional property funds. Their vision was to create a low-dollar-entry-point investment vehicle that offers diversification, reduced risk, and outstanding returns to Australian investors. The fund also facilitates long-term wealth-building strategies, aligning with the growth style investment approach preferred by many individuals and families. The fund caters to the under-serviced segment of retail investors in Australia in the 30-55 age bracket, looking to diversify their portfolios.