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We’d all like Lebron James’ abs but the reality is often a lot more flabby. And while some people (read: us) like to tell themselves this is all because they don’t have a team of personal trainers and nutritionists at their disposal, the truth is; all the information you need on how to reach peak physical fitness is available online.

You just need to know how to find it.

Enter: Max Lugavere, an acclaimed New York Times health and science journalist whose book “Genius Foods” and no bull insights has led him to command a following of 333k people on Instagram, where he uses everything he has learnt in the nutrition space to coach people into eating better – and bust popular myths like “you can’t eat too much healthy fat.”

Case in point: a recent post, in which he rectifies a common problem with butter-coffee drinking low-carb dieters, admitting that Keto advocates are right not to eschew fat, but wrong to tip the scales (literally) in the other direction.

“Don’t fear fat but also maybe don’t drink it either,” he begins the post, explaining how, “Many people today add fat to their diets via buttery coffee, coconut oil smoothies, or ‘fat bomb’ desserts forgetting that fat doesn’t get a calorie free pass, even when you’re on a ketogenic diet!”

“If you have fat you’d like to lose, chill with the added fat,” he adds. “Instead, make sure you’re getting enough protein and healthy veggies! Because when you consume fat, your body will want to burn off what you just ate! (Last in, first out!)”

He then goes through some of the foods which contain healthy fats (extra virgin olive oil, steak eggs and avocado for the win!), before leaving his low carb friends with one final piece of food for thought.

“For my keto friends, remember: you can be in DEEP ketosis without consuming any fat whatsoever. Fat doesn’t create ketones (other than MCTs). Low insulin does, which is a result of fasting or reducing carbs. Add fat for satiety and to meet calorie needs, but not because you were told by an instagram influencer you needed to AdD mOrE FaT.”

Put that on your plate and eat it…

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