This story was originally published on D’Marge.

By the time you hit fifty you should be a lover not a fighter. However, for some reason (Bruce Lee we’re looking at you), every man up to the age of about sixty still believes he has a decent roundhouse kick in him.

Much like the overweight football fan who harbours the fantasy of playing for his favourite team, the aspiring fly-kicker is probably mistaken. Unlike the overweight football fan, however, the aspiring fly kicker can actually give this highly ambitious task a go.

As Statham was challenged by John Mayer to complete the task on Sunday, it appears The Mechanic has only taken 48 hours to get his pistons into motion, which puts the pressure on Guy Ritchie and James Moontasri (a retired MMA artist) — who Statham has now challenged — to complete the task in timely fashion as well.

But the question for now remains: who has better technique — Statham or Mayer?

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