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Netflix managed to create another great drama this week but it wasn’t for viewers.

It was for shareholders’ eyes only and at a cost of US$40bn, they managed to create a truly real piece of reality-TV fodder.

Its shares fell 34%, after they recorded their first drop in subscriber’s in a decade (they were founded in 1997)

No actors were harmed in the making of this drama, only fat, obscenely-paid CEO egos were harmed with something that they put down to a ‘blip’.

Funnily enough, a ‘blip’ was what the twat from the RBA used when explaining why interest rates will remain at 0.10% ahead of voters heading out to tackle an origami-inspired voting sheet.

Well here’s a ‘blip’ for him. Or, as the Germans would say, a ‘leuchtender punkt’:

Ànyway, clicking on the remote button and getting back to Netflix, their latest figures throw out some amazing statistics.

Australian subscribers came in at just over 12m and they estimate that worldwide, 100m watch it for free via shared passwords.

They even still manage to generate revenue of ~U$200m from DVD postal rentals, which feels a bit weird to me.

I guess bogan’s gonna bogan, as the kids say.

So, the company has been affected by the back to office crowd as have our canine friends.

It turns out that during COVID, Americans welcomed 9 million dogs into their households, bringing up the total to 108m – and those extra added pets are having all sorts of trouble.

A massive jump in separation anxiety has left newly acquired puppies unable to cope, with some reported cases causing doggie stress after being left alone for just 30 seconds.

Relatable – Mrs Broker generally pops a tot of rum in my pre-siesta hot choc to knock me out before quietly ducking out to the shops in the afternoon.

Maybe Netflix needs to offer a pure doggie entertainment channel, which can be left on all day, whilst their owners are at work.

They need to do something better than this latest offering they’re promoting:

Maybe this is what they offer by DVD to get in that US$200m in rentals.

What I do know is that their idea to offer a cheaper subscription with advertising won’t work in our household, as the dog Bloomberg only likes being entertained without adverts.

He may have to get use to the ABC, poor thing!


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