Special report: High-tech anti-counterfeiter YPB has made a major breakthrough, perfecting a smartphone app that can be used by anyone to identify fake goods.

The group called it “the most significant technical advance in its history”.

The “ProtectCode” app will allow an everyday smartphone to read and verify an invisible anti-counterfeit mark called Motif Micro on a product.

“Smartphone readability is the ‘holy grail’ of the anti-counterfeit industry and was a key reason for YPB’s acquisition of Motif Micro in January 2018.”

YPB already successfully markets a supply chain track and trace solution based on a dedicated handheld scanner and forensic covert tracer.

“But many brands have said ‘I want a smartphone to do what the scanner can do’,” says executive chairman John Houston.

That is now a reality with a video demonstration showing the app reading an invisible . (See video below).

It’s an important breakthrough because the new app allows a shopper not only to ensure they are buying a real branded product – it also significantly increases the chance of a purchase.

“In a world where authenticity triggers engagement, that’s how a customer can be linked through to the brand through that authenticity app,” Mr Houston said.

“The ability to protect against counterfeit and offer customers certainty of authenticity and to then use authenticity as a means to trigger seamless, direct customer engagement is highly valuable to brands across the consumer goods spectrum,” Mr Houston said.

YPB is now focusing on further development of the product to ensure it works across a wide range of phones before commercial release.

It’s expected the first version of the app will be ready in the second half of 2018.

YPB has been busily working with a range of major global brands seeking to use its technology. For example, the company recently announced a joint initiative with partner Namaste Technologies to help cannabis manufacturers and growers protect their customers and brand reputation from counterfeit products.

It’s also been working on adding blockchain technology to its products.

“I cannot over-emphasise the significance of a highly secure smartphone driven anti-counterfeit solution to YPB,” said Mr Houston.

“We have rapidly combined expertise in material science, software engineering and the security industry to develop an IP-protected, world-beating secure serialisation solution that can be read with just an unmodified smartphone. “

“The commercial prospects of this breakthrough are enormous and we are intent on converting potential to tangible shareholder value as quickly as possible.”


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