Telecommunications company Vonex is about to give customers a test run of its new conferencing app — although it hasn’t publicly said which platforms it’s targeting yet.

The app is a key component of the company’s “Oper8tor” service, which it hopes to scale up into a multi-channel communication platform for business clients.

The company said beta testing of its Oper8tor Conference had yielded “outstanding user feedback” on call quality and ease of use.

As a result, it now thinks it has a tangible product that’s ready to go to market. A short time ago, shares in the company had risen above nine cents, for an intra-day gain of almost nine per cent.

Ready to rollout

With testing complete, Vonex said a white label version of Oper8tor Conference will be made available in March.

The company reckons existing conferencing software products aren’t up to par, while its Oper8tor app “removes clutter and provides a streamlined alternative with features that add value”.

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Among the latest changes, Vonex says it has simplified the conferencing app’s user interface and the product now has a built-in address book that can be synced to multiple devices.

And the company was particularly excited about user feedback on call quality, across both traditional phone networks and web-based chats.

The app recorded a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) of 4.6 out of 5, above the 3.6–3.9 range that is generally deemed to be good quality.

Bringing it all together

Vonex’s existing product offerings include high-speed internet packages and cloud computing services.

In addition to Oper8tor Conference, the company is also rolling out an Oper8tor app with multiple communication components.

Eventually, Vonex hopes the product will “bring together conference, voice, message and video platforms to seamlessly facilitate user communications across a broad range of channels”.

The company said development of its Oper8tor messaging service is also progressing well.

At this stage, the Oper8tor app is scheduled for release in Australia by March this year, available for download via the Apple app store and Google Play.

Vonex also has its sights set firmly on Europe’s 325 million smartphone users, with a European rollout planned for July and targeted scale-up plans into 2020.