Want to watch a robot build a house in 60 seconds?

FBR is there for you:

The owner of HadrianX (ASX:FBR) just released that video but it’s based on the build they commenced a couple of weeks ago in Perth, Western Australia.

In real life, HadrianX can currently lay down an F block structure at a rate of “45-55 seconds per laying motion”.

FBR’s CEO Mike Pivac says it will work its way up to “three or four times that laying rate”.

That would have it placing a brick every 11 seconds, or about 7800 bricks every 24 hours.

We prefer the 60-second version, because maybe it might actually be IRL speed one day.

Also, any update from FBR gives us a chance to use this meme-worthy moment from COO Mark Sheridan, because it’s never going to get old: