Luxury fashion brand Versace will soon know about each and every customer walking into its European stores – thanks to a deal with Aussie small cap Skyfii.

Versace has inked a deal for the analytics provider to roll out its services to the brand’s 45 European retail stores. The monitoring technology will deliver stats on how long and how often customers visit stores as well as their demographics.

The $43 million Skyfii (ASX:SKF) beat out an incumbent provider, touting its solution “scalability” and ease of management as key factors in the contract win.

Not bad for a company perched above a pub on Sydney’s Oxford St.

“Securing such a prestigious and globally recognised luxury brand represents another successful milestone for Skyfii as we enter into the European fashion space,” chief John Rankin told the market.

Skyfii's offices on Oxford St (left), and Versace's storefront in Milan.
Skyfii’s offices on Oxford St (left), and Versace’s storefront in Milan.

Once the first year is up, Versace has expressed interest to move to a multi-year contract and extend its subscription services, Skyfii says.

Shares in the company opened flat at 16c.

The cloud-based Skyfii platform uses existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, beacon networks, door-to-people counters, video sources, web and social platforms to analyse the behaviour of anonymous visitors and also capture data from those who opt-in to free Internet connectivity.

Today’s deal follows others with Australian property developers Lewis Land Group and Precision Group.

Skyfii (SKF) shares over the past three months.
Skyfii (SKF) shares over the past three months.