Three new equity crowdfunding hopefuls have opened their arms to investors over the past two weeks, raising a combined $1.3 million.

It’s been seven months since Australia legalised this type of fundraising for public, unlisted companies. In the months since about 30 fundraising hopefuls have taken to platforms like Birchal and On Market to ask investors to buy in.

There is no secondary market for equity crowdfunded shares – once an investor buys a stake this way, they can’t sell it off easily like a listed company equity. But minimum investments can be small, around the $100 mark.

The cash targets can be into the millions, however. Neo bank Xinja completing one of the first campaigns earlier this year for $2 million.

Here are three new players who have recently opened up offers:


This startup wants to be the “Netflix and Spotify” of live music. For a monthly membership, users get tickets to clubs, gigs and live performance events, with Giggedin working with ticket sellers to buy up seats at venues that are undersold.

The company has raised $810,000 — though this has come from lead investors in the campaign, rather than general punters. The business wants to raise another $180,000 at $6.21 a share. It’s so far raised $19,000 with 18 days left.


Another demand-driven entertainment business, Choovie offers users cheap movie seats by selling session times that haven’t sold out.

It has 20,000 subscribers and a platform that generates demand-driven pricing for cinema tickets, with Choovie clipping the ticket on each booking. It just cracked the $100,000 revenue mark.

The business wants to raise $700,000 with shares at $1 each. It’s so far received $47,500 in investment.


Joust wants to disrupt mortgage brokers. Its real estate platform is designed to connect users with lenders, presenting them with all the options and cutting out the middleman negotiator. It has a range of “lender partners” on the books, including St George, Bank of Melbourne and Bendigo Bank.

The company is seeking $700,000 in investment via the On Market platform, but will take up to $2 million. With three weeks to go, Joust is a third of the way there, at $229,000 on Friday.