Tesla boss Elon Musk revealed some new details about the company’s upcoming all-electric pickup truck in a series of tweets overnight.

Pickup trucks are one of the hottest-selling automotive segments in the US, so the new vehicle could be a big demand driver for metals used in batteries and car components.

Mr Musk caused controversy recently when Tesla was phasing out the use of cobalt in Tesla batteries, though most  analysts weren’t concerned.

The new truck will come standard with dual motor all-wheel drive, “crazy torque,” and a suspension that dynamically adjusts for the load.

Mr Musk also said the vehicle would be able to parallel park automatically and would come with 360-degree cameras and sonar.

He then teased another mysterious feature and said: “It will also have a special built-in sensor. Details later.”

While Musk has plans of his own for the truck, he said he is also open to suggestions when it comes to features for the vehicle.

“What would you love to see in a Tesla pickup truck?” Musk also asked his followers. “I have a few things in mind, but what do you think are small, but important nuances & what would be seriously next level?”

Musk has been talking about a pickup truck since at least 2013, but he said in December that the truck would arrive after the Model Y, so sometime after 2019.

Musk also said in December that the truck would be bigger than the F-150 and that it would have a ‘gamechanging’ feature, though he did not elaborate on what that feature might be.

Pickup trucks are currently one of the hottest selling segments in the US, so it makes sense the company has plans to enter the space.

But given the company’s struggles to ramp up production of its newest vehicle, the Model 3, the timeline for the pickup truck could be pushed back past 2020.


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