Small cap semiconductor company Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) is turning to artificial intelligence to get a step ahead in the “next generation of memory technology”.

Ahead of this year’s Flash Memory Summit in Silicon Valley, the company says it will partner with tech platform CEA-Leti to run a “neuromorphic demo, able to perform precise object recognition tasks in an energy-efficient manner”.

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Neuormorphic computing is a concept used to described large-scale electrical circuits that mimic the patterns found in the human nervous system.

Shares in WBT fell eight per cent in morning trade to 51.5 cents, within their broader 2019 trading range.

Brain wired

The proof-of-concept demos will combine Weebit’s ReRAM technology with Spiking Neural Network (SNN) algorithms developed by CEA-Leti’s team.

Effectively, the ReRAM will provide the architecture to implement the SNN, “in a way which mimics human biological synapse activity”, the company said.

It’s been tried before, but Weebit says previous attempts have been based on software algorithms, whereas “this demo uses a hardware topology which looks and functions very much like the neurons and synapses in the brain”.

For now, the idea is in its early stages and Weebit CEO Coby Hanoch says the company isn’t taking its eye off the ball with regards to its core SiOx ReRAM technology — a form of non-volatile memory which is viewed as a replacement to existing flash memory.

“While our focus as a company, and thus our partnership with CEA-Leti, is on standard uses of non-volatile memory, we are not neglecting the huge potential of AI in the future,” Hanoch said.

This year’s Flash Memory Summit will take place on August 8 in Silicon Valley.

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Marketing and payments penny stock Rewardle Holdings (ASX: RXH) ticked higher by 20 per cent to 0.6 cents after the company announced a strategic partnership with Sportpass, which provides “rewards and benefits programs to sporting groups around Australia”.

In return for marketing services provided, Rewardle will be remunerated via both the option to acquire shares in Sportspass, and an hourly cash rate for services provided.