Special Report: Strategic Elements’ (ASX:SOR) collaboration with Honeywell to develop Autonomous Robotic Security Vehicles (ASVs) is close to bearing fruit.

Assembly of the ASV that it is developing with the $US100bn company has largely been completed and testing is expected to begin in May at a highly secured facility in Perth, Western Australia.

This is the first product that is being developed from its subsidiary Stealth Technologies’ AxV autonomous robotics technology platform.

“We are extremely pleased that the collaborative Autonomous Security Vehicle work with Honeywell is moving to the testing phase as it is the first product developed from our technology platform,” managing director Charles Murphy said.

“We do see critical infrastructure as a large potential market right here in Australia and our agreement with Honeywell enables us to market a security product directly to sectors such as energy, mining and communications.”

The news comes just days after securing a $500,000 grant from the Australian government’s Automotive Engineering Graduate program to progress the development of the underlaying technology platform.

Strategic said the funding will support a team of four UWA researchers who will collaborate with the company’s experts on commercial development of its technology.

It includes the expansion of the company’s relationship with UWA Professor Thomas Bräunl, who has previous experience with Driver-Assistance Systems with Daimler and on Electric Vehicle Charging Systems with BMW.

AxV Platform

Stealth’s AxV platform is designed from the ground up to be used in outdoor environments including:

  • Uneven ground conditions;
  • High temperatures;
  • Dust, rain and moisture;
  • Isolated networks with no connectivity;
  • Longer run times; and
  • Faster charging requirements.

These factors are aimed at making it suitable for use in the security, agriculture and mining sectors.

Work has also been carried out to allow the platform to  localise and navigate the vehicle autonomously in external terrains that have a limited number of distinct features.

Strategic added that its autonomous robotic vehicles could protect critical infrastructure such as energy, communications or health from the risk of intrusion and sabotage.

The company is currently applying for multiple additional patents over intellectual property derived from its recent development work.

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