Special Report: Testing has commenced for the deployment of the firm’s cutting-edge Autonomous Security Vehicles at WA’s Eastern Goldfields correctional facility.

Strategic Elements (SOR) is getting ahead of the game in the market for Autonomous Security Vehicles (ASV), via its fully-owned subsidiary Stealth Technologies.

The company released a presentation this morning, detailing multiple use-cases for how the advanced robotic vehicle technology will enhance perimeter security.

Shares in SOR rose in morning trade following the announcement, and the company’s stock price has now almost doubled from its March lows.

The vehicle’s capabilities include up autonomous missions around the facility (up to three times per day), and automated testing of the internal security systems, including microphonics sensor testing and electromagnetic field testing.

It also has the capacity to transmit data in real time back to the Security Manager System run by Honeywell, the US multinational working with Stealth Technologies on the development of the project.

Currently, processes such as perimeter checks must be carried out manually by at least two staff, who carry out three inspections per day.

With the deployment of ASVs, the technology can assist to “empower prison officers to concentrate on managing the safety, security and rehabilitation of the prisoners”, Strategic Elements said.

Staff will also have increased capacity to carry out randomised tests and targeted security checks of the facility, particularly at night.

The ASVs are equipped with features such as military-grade live video feed, collision avoidance systems and emergency braking capability.

And importantly, they will also be built with real-time integration into Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) – a building monitoring system that the US multinational deploys across its global client base.

Stealth’s Autonomous Security Vehicle in action. 


Global market opportunity

While the project at Eastern Goldfields will help to establish commercial viability of the technology, SOR said Stealth Technologies will also have the opportunity for additional engagements across multiple sectors including transport, energy and defence.

The technology is also tied directly to a sector poised for significant growth, with the company citing research which showed the market for perimter security products is expected to climb above $US280 billion (~$400bn) by 2025.

“Although the first release is in the form of the ASV for security, the underlaying technology is scalable to a range of vehicle shapes and sizes and custom robotics are adaptable to perform a variety of physical actions and tasks,” SOR said.

“Further releases from the platform could be deployed for industries such as mining, agriculture and logistics.”

With an exciting chapter ahead, the business is now focused on completing final validation and acceptance testing in the September quarter.

SOR said it will also investigate potential use-cases in other facilities factoring in technological changes, such as the rollout of 5G telecommunications networks.

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