Shark fighter Smart Marine Systems — which used to trade under the much cooler name Shark Mitigation Systems — has launched its shark-detector bouys in Newport Beach, California.

Smart Marine (ASX:SM8) told the market back in July it was installing its sonar-signature tracking ‘Clever Buoy’ shark detectors near California’s Balboa Beach Pier and test updated versions of an app that provides information on beach conditions.

That was a three-month trial and the system is now fully operational, providing autonomous marine monitoring systems to local authorities.

The company’s shares were flat at 2.4c on the news, but it says there was plenty of excitement in the OC with “a large contingent of local, state and federal elected representatives and local emergency services staff amidst a significant media presence”.

The monitoring system provides real-time shark alerts from tagged and untagged sharks, as well as meteorological data like wind speed and water temperature, along a 450m span either side of the infamous pier.

Smart Marine Systems (ASX:SM8) shares over the past year.

Smart Marine founder Craig Anderson could barely contain his excitement, telling investors it was a landmark day for the company.

“This is a really significant day for our business,” he said. “To have the opportunity to showcase our Clever Buoy technology at such a globally iconic beach is incredible. The Newport Beach City Council have taken the initiative to investigate technologies to mitigate the occurrence of shark attacks amongst the background of increasing local white shark populations.

“The 11 mile stretch of coast that Newport covers generates more than US$1.2 billion in tourist revenue each year and earns the city more than $40M annually in taxes and duties.

“In addition to providing critical beach safety, it is critical to the community to protect the local businesses and employment that is generated from beach tourism, which has been significantly impacted in areas that have suffered shark attacks.”

Earlier this year it looked like the ASX would get a second anti-shark play, but Ocean Guardian has since postponed an Initial Public Offering until next year.