Special report: Smart energy company Simble Solutions has partnered with Powercor UK as part of its push into the United Kingdom.

Simble’s (ASX:SIS) entry point into the UK is smart lighting, and they’ve bundled their technology into a solution with a major lighting manufacturer.

Powercor UK, a leading UK energy service provider, will do the marketing and distribution under the deal.

It will start installing the Simble Energy Platform bundle this quarter in the UK at up to 40 sites, and potentially another 60 in the third quarter of calendar 2018.

Simble expects installs to hit 20 sites a month once the initial demand is met.

Revenue from savings

Simble chief Fadi Geha says the UK represents only 1 per cent of their revenue so far, and sees the channel partnership as part of a bigger opportunity to work with global LED lighting makers.

Under the Powercor UK partnership, each installation will yield recurring revenue as customers prepay for the service under annual or multi-year contracts.

“With costs of LEDs falling 90 per cent over the past decade, smart lighting technology is now witnessing mainstream adoption and, we are proud to help magnify the associated energy savings via the Simble Energy Platform’s two-way smart control capability,” Mr Geha said.

Simble’s platform will be the exclusive analytics and control software provided to Powercor UK customers.

The Simble Energy Platform is an Internet of Things (IOT) enabled control and visualisation tool, designed for businesses to reduce and manage their energy consumption.

Real-time energy visualisation with alerts and insights, coupled with two-way smart control using Internet of Things technology, enables businesses to remotely manage and automate energy savings.

Shining the light

Simble is tackling the UK after that country began rolling out smart meters.

They’re starting with smart lighting applications to tap into rapidly rising demand and also make use of the efficiencies that can be gained from a two-way smart control capability.

The global market for smart lighting grew 95 per cent during 2017, driven by rapid falls in the cost of LED technology and step changes in available energy savings.

By coupling LED lighting with ‘2-Way Smart Control’ capability, the available energy savings for outdoor and industrial applications can double.

“Demand for LED technologies has reached a tipping point and Simble offers a clearly differentiated solution that allows us to work closely with clients as trusted advisers, bringing our expertise in LED Lighting and control to help them reduce their energy consumption and operating costs,” said Chris Wright, technical director of Powercor.


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