Security Matters (ASX:SMX) has completed a proof of concept with Intel that could enable the computer chip giant to tell when their motherboards have been tampered with.

The proof of concept focused on creating a reliable and consistent supply chain integration solution to enable protection from the replacement, removal or repositioning of motherboards and their components related to Intel’s products.

Second multinational to sign with SMX

This is the second multinational that the blockchain security company has partnered with.

In April SMX signed a binding collaboration agreement with world leading chemical producer BASF SE to develop solutions for plastics traceability and circularity.

The ASX company, which is focused on digitising physical objects on the blockchain to enable a circular and closed loop economy, will provide its technology to enable physical and digital tracking of closed loop recycling, authenticate sustainability claims and improve sorting of plastic waste.

The partnership leverages BASF’s extensive experience in plastic additives, regulatory capabilities, and understanding of the plastics value chain.

Security Matters provided its track and trace solution that marks physical objects with a unique and unalterable chemical-based barcode.

The SMX’s breakthrough digital twin (physical marking + blockchain) can track, trace, authenticate and verify products – both physically and digitally – at every stage of the supply chain, from raw materials to distribution and retail.

Security Matters also this month officially opened a Sustainability Competence Centre for fashion brands, providing them with a transparent shared platform for recycling their goods back into high-quality materials and merchandise.

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