Special Report: Security Matters believes it has the first – and only – technology that can mark, track and authenticate all materials used in the manufacturing of your smart TV, mobile or tablet.

The company has wrapped up extensive testing and trials that successfully shows its technology is flexible enough to be fused in the production and assembly of a range of electronic components, systems and devices.

That’s everything from silicon-based micro processors and motherboards to everyday products like mobile phones, laptops and computers.

So, what? Well, the potential of the technology is significant.

It sets a new global standard for technology integrity, and addresses fundamental elements of manufacturing such as brand liability, counterfeit and quality issues.

The losses for brands globally from counterfeiting alone are in excess of US$500 billion annually.

The next generation

Security Matters (ASX:SMX) owns technology it calls “The Intelligence on Things” (IoT).

It allows any solid, liquid or gas to be invisibly and irrevocably ‘marked’ using a chemical-based barcode, ‘read’ using a proprietary reader and stored via a blockchain record.

The technology can be applied to raw materials or at any stage of the production process, and enables the tracking of the entire product lifestyle and as products move globally.

It is currently being used in the agriculture industry to detect plastic contamination in crops and to revolutionise the way our food supply chain is managed.

Manufacturing electronics is a long and complex process. Take autonomous cars as an example. The liability of electronics could become a serious issue and the quality of the computer software and components are crucial to the movement of cars and the safety of passengers.

Security Matters’ technology seeks to create a trusted connection between physical products and digital applications.

Company founder and CEO Haggai Alon says the test results represent the next generation of IoT technology.

“The completion of trials, projects and pilot testing not only confirms our technology works but also demonstrates how agile and versatile it can be,” said Mr Alon.

“We are working towards becoming an integral part of brand and sector integrity management globally.

“Completion of these tests further validates our technology and marks the next phase of growth and development for us,” he added.

The company says this is the most strategic achievement to date. It believes the technology has the potential to elevate it from a young company to a powerful market leader.

It will present its findings to technology companies next week at the Four Years From Now (FYFN) Conference in Barcelona.



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