The new Schrole Events will allow the company to upsell and help to generate revenue across the full calendar year.

Rapidly growing edtech specialist, Schrole Group (ASX:SCL) , has just launched its  recruitment events management software, Schrole Events 1.0.

Schrole Events is the company’s recruitment events software solution, which provides interactive and  regionalised  online recruitment events for Schrole’s network of  schools and teachers.

The company currently has a highly engaged network of 400 international schools, and 140,000 international teachers.

This new solution has been seamlessly integrated into Schrole Connect, a software that ranks and manages job applicants designed for school administrators.

The integration is expected to expand the company’s human resources SaaS offering, and create upsell opportunities.

This is possible by allowing existing Schrole Connect and  Connect Lite subscribers to utilise the new Events platform by upgrading their subscriptions to ConnectPlus.

There are 10 events scheduled for this recruitment season, with the first one targeted for October 27 aimed at schools in Southeast Asia.

“I am delighted to release our inaugural version of Schrole Events, and excited to see our teams have already scheduled 10 events over the next six months across the world,” commented Schrole CEO, Rob Graham.

“We expect Events will further connect our Schrole Community networks, enabling greater recruitment  activity and deeper engagement with our Schrole HR SaaS platform.”


‘Momentum and an exciting outlook’

Schrole says the new Events platform has several user-friendly features that make the platform easy to use.

First, events can be created and customised easily by the Schrole team.

A new Events app has also been created, which will enhance user experience.

For schools, the platform allows them to set their own time zone, add or remove attendees, and register other schools within their groups.

And for candidates, the features allow easy registration and deregistration, and the ability to upgrade to paid subscription when registering for an event.

The platform was also designed to include full events functionality, which include panel discussions, full video integration, and help desk support.

The release of Schrole Events marks the successful achievement of another important milestone for the company’s Human Resources SaaS suite of products.

The range of products under the HR SaaS suite now includes Schrole Connect, Schrole Develop, Schrole Cover, Schrole Engage, Schrole Verify, and now Schrole Events.

This diverse range of products has enabled the company to generate revenue all year round, instead of just the second half of the year where historically 59% to 80% of full year cash receipts was made.

The suite of products have also enabled Schrole to cross-sell and upsell. For example, the release of Schrole Connect in July led to  a contract  upgrade with a school group in the United Arab Emirates.

“Our expanded sales  and account management  team, which has grown from three to eight team members, will be able to offer Schrole Engage, Events and Develop through the full calendar year as we  look to increase our sales in the first half of the year,” Graham said.

“We are on track to release the final module of the complete Schrole HR SaaS, Schrole Engage, which will deepen customer engagement across the full calendar year.

“With a  strong  and growing  customer pipeline, HR SaaS suite rollout and expanded sales team, we have  strong momentum and an exciting outlook.”

In the last quarter, Schrole reported solid results, which included a 7.8% increase in Annualised Recurring Revenue to US$3.3m.

This article was developed in collaboration with Schrole Group, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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