Special Report: High-tech hydroponics seller RotoGro has secured a $220,000 deal from a licensed Las Vegas cannabis grower.

The Grove, or TGIG as its officially named, wants the unique nutrient batching and dosing solution provided by RotoGro’s (ASX:RGI) wholly-owned subsidiary, Global Fertigation Solutions (GFS), for its 12,000 sq ft cultivation site in Nevada.

GFS automates the batching and dosing of crop nutrients, removing salts, heavy minerals and contaminants from the water supply and matching nutrient needs to the crop’s lifecycle.

The Grove’s order involves retro-fitting and upgrading their current operations, with the technology being incorporated into existing water treatment capabilities ahead of its planned expansion.

The deal brings the total amount of GFS contracts to more than $500,000 this quarter.

“The Grove purchase order is the result of the remarkable efforts of our team at GFS,” said RotoGro managing director Michael Carli.

“The sales lead for this order emanated from our booth at the recent MJ Biz Conference in Nevada in November of 2018. The success of the MJ Biz Conference and our register of sales leads places GFS in an excellent position for a productive and profitable year ahead.”

The fertigation system works by sending a nutrient blend to standby resevoirs in each of the growing rooms.

Nutrient-water that is returned to the reservoirs after crop feeding is then anaylsyed and topped up ahead of the next feeding cycle – in a closed-loop system that makes it ideal for locations such as water-restricted Nevada.

RotoGro’s toolkit

RotoGro cultivating lawful cannabis with its unique rotational garden system (Supplied)

The Global Fertigation Solutions system is just one part of RotoGro’s broader business offering.

It’s best known for its patented stackable hydroponic rotary garden technology complete with their own proprietary software; that produces multiples more yield per square meter than traditional flatbed growing.

In fact, it’s been shown to consistently yield 400 per cent more product per rotational garden, per square metre than traditional growing methods and uses 60 per cent less power and 90 per cent less water than conventional indoor farming systems.

It’s also well positioned in cannabis-loving Canada, where it holds a licence to conduct processing, testing, research, production, sales and distribution of cannabis via Supra THC Services.

This story was developed in collaboration with RotoGro International, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.
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