It’s quarterlies season for ASX investors today, and listed small caps are out in force with their trading updates for the June quarter.

For some there’s not much market reaction, but there’s always a few 4C filings that draw a response.

We’ve summarised a list of the five tech companies that got the biggest share-price boost in morning trade:

Vault Intelligence (ASX: VLT)

The B2B software company rose almost 17 per cent in morning trade to 34.5 cents.

Vault’s 4C filing showed annualised subscription-based recurring revenue (CARR) of $1.25m, representing quarterly growth of 130 per cent. Total recurring revenue for the year now stands at $6.2m.

Customer cash receipts for the three months to June came in at a record high of $1.62m.

“With the acceleration in sales and a significant qualified pipeline of new opportunities, Vault is pleased to provide a target of $10m CARR to be delivered by 30 June
2020,” the company said.

Hydrix Limited (ASX: HYD)

Hydrix Ltd is a tech consultancy that provides services across medical tech, consumer & industrial and critical systems.

The company reported full-year revenue of $14.9m, a gain of 149 per cent from the previous financial year. Shares in HYD rose 11.76 per cent to 3.8 cents.

The three months to June also saw Hydrix turn its first quarterly profit, of $430.

Looking ahead, the company targeted full-year revenue growth of 15 per cent in FY20, where it’s aiming to post its first full-year cash profit.

Janison Education Group (ASX: JAN)

The education tech platform also rose strongly, after its 4C filing revealed strong momentum in Janison’s pivot to a licensing-based revenue model.

Annualised recurring revenue from licensing rose by 97 per cent, while full-year revenue across the company was up 30 per cent.

The company is targeting further growth in the $340b market for global education tech, where it says digital spend only accounts for around 2.6 per cent of the total.

Shares in Janison were up 12.9 per cent in morning trade at 35 cents.

Raiz Invest (ASX: RZI)

The fintech company continued to rally off its recent lows after today’s 4C filing accompanied by a letter from CEO George Lucas.

Subscription-paying active users — the core metric for revenue growth — edged higher to 194,000 in the June quarter, and Lucas said as at July 29 the number is now above 195,000.

Total revenue for the June quarter was $1.95m, with net operating cash outflow of $730k.

The company finished the June 30 period with $300.28m in assets under management, and said it has made “good progress” with its south-east Asian expansion.

Shares in RZI rose by 8.73 per cent to 68 cents.

Dorsavi Ltd (ASX: DVL)

Shares in the maker of wearable sensor technology products rose by six per cent to 5.3 cents in morning trade.

The company’s 4C filing highlighted some new customer wins across its two main divisions — workplaces and clinical/hospitals.

The company’s unaudited figures showed recurring revenue for FY19 of $1.27m, a gain of 48 per cent from the 2018 financial year.

Here are the price charts for each of the five stock listed above (choose the ticker for each company at the base of the table)