A joint venture between mining services company PPK (ASX:PPK) and Deakin Uni is now ramping up production of a ‘super’ fibre currently worth +$900,000/kg.

The PPK share price has quietly exploded over the past six months. Now, with commercial production looking increasingly likely, the question becomes — where does the stock go from here?


If the JV pulls this off, it will be the first time BNNT — a nanofibre 100 times stronger than steel, light as carbon fibre, super flexible and heat resistant – is produced at commercial levels.

It is a big deal, but project head scientist Dr Luhua Li doesn’t have time for superlatives.

“I wish to advise that each of the process elements in the Geelong production plant has been completed and are operational,” he says.

“Our ongoing development program is now focussed on establishing a range of production process settings required for BNNT purity, size and type.

“From there we will initiate higher volume outputs.

“These results show BNNT produced last week.:”

“The results are very pleasing.”


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