Soccer superstar Ronaldinho is launching his own self-named cryptocurrency.

In what may represent peak-crypto, the Brazilian soccer star is launching the ‘Ronaldinho Soccer Coin’ amid international focus on Sunday night’s FIFA World Cup football final.

The idea is to use funds raised to found a football academy, develop a global amateur league, set up a betting platform, and build 300 VR stadiums around the world that will digitally scout new players.

Ronaldinho — real name Ronaldo de Assis Moreira — and his backers are planning the first stadiums to be set up within three years.

The roadmap says two ‘Ronaldinho stadiums’ will be set up in Southeast Asia this month. Plans call for the academy to be launched by March as well as stadiums in Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand four months later when they’ll launch an esports tournament.

The whole thing will be secured by a Chinese blockchain outfit called NEO, which was set up by a man named Da Hongfei in 2014.

It was originally called Antshares until it was renamed last month. It calls itself the “Chinese Ethereum”, after the second major global cryptocurrency that is based around smart blockchain-based contracts.

There will be 140 million Ronaldinho Soccer Coins available for punters who believe in the dream or just want a piece of unusual fan merchandise.