Nanoveu (ASX:NVU) shares have surged after the smartphone protection company said it had successfully developed prototype digital display technology for people with glasses.

The technology consists of a physical cover applied to a laptop display and a related software application that manipulates screen output. Together they correct for those suffering from presbyopia, the age-related loss of close-up vision.

The Perth-based company has lodged patents for the technology in Singapore.

“The completion of a large-scale prototype capable of transforming the display in real time is a fantastic result for Nanoveu and is truly an example of our world-leading technology,” said Nanoveu executive chairman and chief executive Alfred Chong.

“The product is revolutionary and has major potential to disrupt the digital display industry, creating a new market of products specifically for people suffering farsightedness.”

An example of Nanoveu’s EyeFyx tech. Picture: Supplied

The company will now focus on migrating the software into a system-level and refining the screen cover, with production targeted for the second half of 2021.

The company will also focus on having discussions with digital display makers about building a monitor with the “Eyefyx” technology built-in.

Nanoveu’s flagship product is a Nanoshield antiviral film that’s available as a variety of mobile screen covers and cases.

At noon, NVU shares were up 48.9 per cent to 6.7c, and had briefly traded as high as 10c – up 122 per cent from Monday’s close.