Drone seller IOT Group has paid celebrity publicist Max Markson just over 1 million shares for PR work.

The ‘king of spin’ has worked with right wing American agitator Milo Yiannopoulos to promote his 2017 trip to Australia, and convicted drug smuggler Schappelle Corby on her return to Australia from Indonesia.

IOT has worked with Mr Markson before, employing his services in March last year to launch the ROVA drone in Australia.

It has also paid the owner of paid content site Stocks Digital 6.9 million shares for investor relations services.

The issue price of those shares was 0.8c, meaning Mr Markson received $8,250 for his services and S3 Consortium $55,000.

After “disappointing” sales over Christmas, IOT Group had $922,000 in the kitty by the end of December, but has since raised $2.3 million.

Of that $250,000 in cash has been invested in an in-development delivery app called RUNA.

IOT opened on Friday at 0.8c.