Ledger Labs, the cutting-edge software development firm with expertise in nascent tech, blockchain and in Artificial Intelligence, is opening up new vistas for companies and their clients.

A subsidiary of, and operating under the Aussie-listed ecommerce platform, i-Synergy (ASX:IS3), Ledger Labs’ market-focused tech offering comes as the labs’ stock-focused SaaS platform Stockalytics moves closer to market.

IS3, which focuses on building nascent technologies for multiple industries, has positioned itself at the forefront of the megatrend which now sees more companies leveraging the marketplace model as a means to grow their businesses digitally.

The result of the shift in the world’s consumer behaviour has seen millions of users transforming their businesses by using digital marketplaces.

Delivering solutions across these three key strategic technological centres, the focus for Ledger Labs is on supporting and building companies which find themselves at sea and without the necessary knowledge and expertise to build and benefit from a common, customised standard of software infrastructure.

A wholly-owned and managed infrastructure

The lack of development within AI, tech and decentralised ledgers can already stop a lot of businesses in their tracks and certainly inhibit them from exceeding their potential and being a part of the larger vision of the digital ecosystem, now and into the future,  says Ledger Labs’ Kevin Coutinho.

Coutinho has led Ledger Labs from its inception. He is the executive director of IS3 and the founder of three tech companies and works alongside Dr Ponnie Clark, head of Ledger Labs R&D Panel, and a highly-regarded senior research fellow in the Computer Sciences Department at The University of Western Australia.

“Ledger Labs offers custom solutions to any problem a business faces and conducts technology gap identification and analysis to advise if and how they can best assist,” Coutinho says.

Intellectual Property development and patents

Ledger Labs also focuses on analysing the uniqueness of a customer’s product development model, the applicability of a patent and documenting it, to make it submission ready.

For government grants, Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRCP) and ARC, Ledger Labs work closely with The University of Western Australia, its Government Grant Academic and Research Partner.

CRCP grants provide matched funding for short-term research collaborations of up to $3 million.

The collaboration helps firms with a feasibility study on the uniqueness and applicability of their project for government grants.

With some of the country’s strongest subject matter experts, Ledger Labs builds collaborative, targeted and tailored documentation sets for businesses to apply for grants.

The CRCP grant is used to develop a new technology, product or service, and there is a process to get approved. Ledger Labs assists with this critical knowledge infrastructure.

“We have addressed gaps in the market and are focusing on building technologies in areas lacking the ability for technology development, to provide innovative customised solutions and assist businesses to be more efficient, whether it be to increase revenue, decrease cost or keeping the business future technology proof,” Coutinho added.


One of the projects Ledger Labs is developing is a unique SaaS platform, Stockalytics,  that will study equity markets and the stocks which trade on them.

According to Dr Clark, the platform will collect social and technical data on a company’s shares and collate it inside a private blockchain (for security and tamper-proofing).

The labs will run AI and machine learning analytics for charting and outputs.

The potential benefits are legion, including products and services divisibility, access to seamless analytics, operational efficiency, and optimal leveraging of value.

“A company’s market capitalisation is determined by the rise and fall of the stock price. There are various factors that can affect company stock performance including company financial performance and board market trends,” Dr Clark says.

She says the Stockalytics platform aims to develop “social business intelligence”.

“Stockalytics provides indicators and strategies revolving around performance analytical models in an effort to predict the upward and downward trends of the stock performance of a company.”

The data will be securely collected and stored on a tamper-proof blockchain in “a modularised container”.

Dr Clark says companies and clients will have an opportunity to tokenise their  data, processes, and structure on the blockchain which can securely feed into analytics processes within the Stockalytics platform.

Stockalytics’ AI-driven analytics use a stream of the latest AI technologies including ontologies, knowledge graphs, and machine learning.

Clark says the AI net casts very wide indeed.

It captures extraneous variables like the public perceptions of a company’s performance and will incorporate internal factors like a company’s financial performance.

“Both corporate data and social data constitute important factors to reflect company stock performance. With a secure and privacy-preserving blockchain, Stockalytics will be a trustable and secure platform that provides company stock performance insights,” said Dr Clark.

This article was developed in collaboration with IS3 Group, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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