Internet of Things developer Quantify says its latest development is a paradigm shift for the humble light switch.

More than just an on/off, the touch-controlled switch offers a range of energy management features, vibration feedback and soon  compatibility with voice control devices such Amazon’s Alexa range and Apple’s HomePod.

The new switch has been updated with a modular design.

“The result is a paradigm shift in the user experience for the humble light switch. Beautiful, functional, manageable and available CY2018,” Quantify told investors.

“This switch offers significant user enhancements by including user haptic (vibration) feedback, informative switch fascias and a wider range of user features.”

Quantify shares (ASX:QFY) were trading down slightly at 4.6c on Wednesday.

Voice integration technology will be added to the switches in coming months.

“The company is confident that allowing customers to control and manage their home, building and energy management with conversational commands will deliver the greatest gains.”

Quantify touts itself as a first-mover in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, primarily developing energy monitoring and management devices such as lighting, heating and cooling systems.

Quantify (QFY) share price movements over the past three months.
Quantify (QFY) share price movements over the past three months.

Integration with voice technology is a key focus, integrating with Amazon’s Alexa in the first of its kind partnership in Australia.

Segments such as retirement living, hospitality and healthcare would benefit from a digital assistant in every room of every building.

A beta test release is expected in the third quarter 2018. The company has so far recorded no revenue.

Quantify reported $3 million in the bank at the end of last quarter, with an expected $1.5 million in outgoings.