Predictive analysis and Artificial Intelligence company Houston We Have (ASX:HWH) is teaming up with healthcare giant Edwards Lifesciences (NYSE:EW) to fully fund its aortic stenosis clinical trials.

The ECHOiQ trial is for the detection of severe Aortic Stenosis (AS), the most common form of heart disease that usually develops in later life.

Unlike traditional diagnosis, ECHOiQ doesn’t rely on blood obstruction measurement to detect the condition, instead using a range of measurements and machine learning to  enhance clinical detection and flag additional patients exhibiting similar features to those with severe AS.

The clinical trial will look to provide performance data on two key groups: the performance of ECHOiQ in identifying AS patients who are at risk of death from the condition; and its ability to identify under-diagnosis of patients with severe AS using standard diagnosis protocols .

Research from the Baker Institutes indicates that this may be a significant area of under-diagnosis, with ~250K Australians living with a heart valve disease they are unaware of.

Houston We Have Chairman Andrew Grover said the clinical trial for ECHOiQ’s ESP technology is “a key step in validating and confirming the performance of our unique AI which has the potential to improve patient outcomes in the one of the world’s largest health markets – cardiovascular disease.”

“Funding the trial is the world’s leading manufacturer of replacement aortic valves, an industry sector which is a key focus for the company.

“The trial will be conducted in partnership with NEDA (National Echo Database of Australia), through whom (we will) have proprietary access to one of the world’s largest datasets of echocardiograms.”

“This access means we are able to develop enhanced algorithms and diagnostic capability across a number of cardiology related indications where we believe we have the potential to significantly improve the effectiveness of traditional diagnosis protocols.”

The clinical trial will be conducted at hospitals located in Australia and will begin subject to governance approvals.

Houston We Have has appointed expert MedTech regulatory consultants as it commences its process for FDA approval of clinical applicants of its technology.