Video play Linius Technologies has signed a deal with a news service that’s building a personalised version of CNN.

Linius (ASX:LNU) is developing a technology it calls “Video Virtualization Engine” which inserts and tracks data in video streams.

The technology has a number of potential applications.

It could be used to combat movie piracy by locking a single video stream to a single viewer or increase a broadcaster’s revenue by packaging TV content with personalised ads based on a viewer’s preferences.

It could potentially even be used to track the number of times Bruce Willis says “Yippee ki-yay” in the Die Hard movies. (“OK Siri show me every scene where Bruce Willis says Yippee ki-yay”.)

Under a deal announced today, Linius will work with Swedish start-up Newstag to deliver what it calls “hyper-personalised” video news reports relevant only to viewers interested in a particular topic.

Two-year-old Newstag lets news viewers create their own “personalised CNN” by matching their interests with tagged news reports from the likes of CNN and Bloomberg.

The two will work together to improve the personalisation of the news reports.

After the announcement the stock jumped 17 per cent to an intraday high of 8.8c but cooled to 8.2c by 11am AEST.

Linius Tech shares (ASX:LNU) over the past year

Under the deal, Linius will receive monthly licence fees plus $US1 per video and $US40 per thousand videos assembled.

Linius backdoor-listed in May 2016 via Firestrike Resources after raising $3.5 million at 5c.

The shares soared as high as 21c last year after the company said it would deliver “the world’s first video blockchain”.

It’s since drifted back to 7.5c.

The business isn’t making any money yet — and burned through $6 million in the nine months to March.

It’s yet to report for the June quarter.

“Linius is in the commercialisation phase of our business and is targeting market leaders in the news, sports, education and corporate communications sectors, with our video hyper-personalisation capability,” Linius chief Chris Richardson said today.