Recruitment platform Gooroo Ventures says it will help fight the increased turbulence jobseekers face by launching series of tech skills courses on the Open edX platform as part of a continued partnership with Microsoft.

Gooroo (ASX:GOO) is an AI-focused jobs business which uses personality profiling tools so that companies can see a more detailed profile of job candidates.

In May, the business confirmed KPMG had paid for a subscription licence to use Gooroo’s technology to help recruit staff to KPMG and streamline information coming in from recruiters.

Today the company told investors it was launching its “Gooroo Learn” program on Microsoft’s learning platform, which will help talent get “job ready” while completing online courses that come badged with Microsoft certification upon completion.

Gooroo Learn courses include modules for participants to learn everything from data skills in Excel to how to use Skype effectively.

Gooroo chief executive Greg Muller said the rollout of the courses on Open edX would “provide graduates and transitioning workers the opportunity to feel supported and build a successful technology career”.

The business listed on the ASX in October 2016, but it has had a a bumpy time since. Having listed at 22.5c, the share price is now sitting around 6c.

Gooroo Ventures (ASX:GOO) share price, past 12 months.