Special Report: Family Insights Group, the consumer tech company looking after children’s online safety and providing shoppers with up-to-date grocery data, has signed Alistair McCall as its Chief Data Officer (CDO).

McCall has an impressive resume across almost two decades of experience in the retail, telco, advertising and leisure sectors, and most fittingly for Family Insights Group (ASX:FAM), he worked as the head of customer engagement for the Woolworths Group.

Sean Smith, Family Insights Group CEO, told Stockhead he had gained an appreciation for McCall’s expertise after working with him at Woolworths.

“He managed the analysis of many different sources of data and did a lot of strategic project work right across the Woolworths business,” he said.

“He then worked with Australia’s leading data agency MercerBell where he was essentially building commercial data plans for external businesses.

“So, when we began thinking about the path forward for the business, he was the first person that came to mind.”

In his role as CDO, a newly-created role at Family Insights Group that puts it ahead of the curve of many tech and data companies, McCall will be responsible for data strategy oversight, data commercialisation, analytics and business development.

Family Insights, Frugl and Wangle

The company also released an update to the ASX, saying it would be ramping up commercialisation of Frugl, a grocery comparison website.

Family Insights Group says Frugl represents the fastest path to revenue growth for the company, particularly with the expertise of McCall onboard.

Smith told Stockhead his company would continue to market the Family Insights platform, a cyber safety product utilising advanced behavioural analysis combined with evidence-based educational resources, to help keep children safe online and their parents informed of their children’s online habits.

But he said the platform was also undergoing significant upgrades in the background to help increase uptake of the product.

“The general result from prior UX releases has been solid and we have solved some of the configuration challenges that some families were having,” he said.

“We have got a fairly major redesign mostly done but we are focusing efforts currently on getting the Frugl business up and running. Once we’ve done that we’ll come back to Family Insights.”

The company is decommissioning its standalone Wangle mobile VPN product in order to reduce operating costs, but the technology will continue to underpin its Family Insights product.

This story was developed in collaboration with Family Insights Group, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.
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