Special Report:  Display and video advertising solution provider engage:BDR has integrated with Comcast company FreeWheel, a platform that automates media planning, buying and selling.

It is a match made in heaven, with engage:BDR (ASX:EN1) helping brands and advertising agencies bid for online advertising space automatically, whether on a website or social media platform.

FreeWheel provides a range of technology solutions enabling publishers, buyers and advertisers to make the most of the smart, connected TV world of the 21st century.

“We ensure the future of television, providing publishers and distributors with the solutions needed to grow their business in unprecedented ways, and brands and agencies will gain the only thing that has ever mattered – the results they need,” Jonathon Heller, CEO and co-founder of FreeWheel explains.

It is hot property, being acquired by Comcast five years ago for $320 million. Comcast is a US-based telecommunications giant worth some $239 billion. It owns TV channels such as NBC and the film studio Universal Pictures.

The integration is designed to optimise ad monetisation, improve the engage:BDR’s connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) presences and ultimately contribute to incremental growth in revenue and profit.

Kicking goals in 2019

The FreeWheel integration is the latest win for engage:BDR, which last week rose 25 per cent after giving investors an insight into its strategic plan for 2019.

The company began 2019 with five new programmatic integrations, bringing the total number of integrations to more than 175, and the FreeWheel integration is the biggest yet on the CTV/OTT fronts, CEO Ted Dhanik said.

“It helps us expand our reach into the TV and video ecosystem, drive ad exchanges and incrementally grow revenue,” he said.

Mr Dhanik said FreeWheel filled a void in his company’s supply chain and brings the company closer to the CTV/OTT and Linear TV inventory

“And the marketers who are looking for it,” he added. “Our other integrations are display, video and native on mobile and desktop, mostly.”

What else is in the deal, yo?!

The integration provides FreeWheel with access to buyers and advertisers, while its connection with Comcast will help engage:BDR’s spread its wings globally.

It also enables access to premium digital TV publishers with a heavy footprint in Asia Pacific and European regions as well as allowing engage:BDR to offer addressable TV to its customers, enabling advertisers to reach users across all devices with significant scale.


engage:BDR is a Stockhead advertiser.
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