Digital advertising company, engage:BDR (ASX:EN1) has expanded its network of publishers, after signing a deal with the world’s third largest publisher marketplace, Infolinks.

The supply intergration deal, which was actually signed on 4 May, will see EN1 providing monetisation solutions for Infolinks’ advertising inventory.

Integration between and EN1 and Infolinks is complete, and has now gone live.

This will generate daily recurring revenue for EN1, which is expected to scale by the day.

240 million monthly unique users

Founded in 2007, Infolinks has grown into the world’s third-largest publisher marketplace in the world, generating income for over 350,000 website publishers and bloggers in 128 countries.

According to its website, these publishers command 240 million unique users a month, and 1.5 billion in monthly ad views.

Its adversiters include some of the word’s biggest brands, including Nike, Virgin Airlines, Target, and Netflix.

According to the company, its secret to succeess is in being able to reach the right audience, and deliver ads in real-time when users are most engaged and relevant.

This intent-targeting algorithm commands viewability rates of 90 per cent, and was a result of gathering knowledge and insights over 10 years across billions of impressions.

The algorithm, the company says, is able to identify users who are in the market to buy specific things, based on their behaviour online.

EN1 has provided no estimate in revenue from this tie-up, as it depends on take-up. However results will be provided in the company’s next quarterly report.

EN1’s solid first quarter

The first quarter showed that EN1’s revenue has returned to pre-Covid levels, with April 2021 being the company’s best month since December 2019, eclipsing all months in 2020.

The company’s revenue increased by 80 per cent during the quarter, to US$1.2 million.

EN1 has also made significant progress to expand its offering, recently signing with the world’s fastest-growing children-only CTV content streaming service, Kidoodle.

The Kidoodle platform reached 12 million subscribers in Q4 of last year, and has set a target of reaching 50 million by the end of this year.


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