Special Report: Emerge Gaming has revealed its game plan for creating the world’s largest mobile gaming community off the back of its partnership with European affiliate marketing company Tecnología de Impacto Multiple S.L. (“TIM”).

Last week, Emerge (ASX:EM1) revealed the partnership with TIM to bring its online esports and casual gaming platform to 15 countries and 150 new markets. The company revealed that the platform would be marketed by TIM through its sales affiliates network of more than 10 million members.

Subscribers will pay a monthly subscription fee of USD$8.50 (~AUD$12) for access to the platform, with up to USD$250,000 in prizes on offer in the first year, as well as another USD$250,000 grand prize for the eventual winner.

Emerge has since revealed more details on the platform itself, as well as a look behind the curtain as to why the company has opted to market the platform with TIM and its affiliate network.

The new esports platform will be called MIGGSTER Mobile and is set to launch in November 2020. MIGGSTER will incorporate community tools such as chat, friends and team functionality in order to create the foundation for an engaging online community. Emerge held a worldwide affiliate member event last week to promote MIGGSTER and create awareness ahead of the November launch and has offered the product through pre-emptive launch promotions to generate subscriber interest.

Access to MIGGSTER Mobile will cost USD$8.50 (~AUD$12) per month, giving subscribers access to tournaments and a shot at the USD$500,000 in prizes. The launch will also allow subscribers to purchase tiered subscription packages, including bi-annual packages of USD$51 and discounted annual packages.


Affiliate marketing strategy

TIM has guaranteed 100,000 paying subscribers for MIGGSTER Mobile in the first six months, with Emerge earning 64.5 percent of net revenue from the partnership.

Johan Stäel von Holstein said this partnership with Emerge Gaming was “a true game changer” for the company and its growing network of members.

“We are really excited about this collaboration and are looking forward to see it go live in November. I truly believe that online gaming on mobile devices will be a great success for everyone involved,” he said.

Emerge is banking on TIM’s affiliate marketing prowess to scale out the platform and bring MIGGSTER Mobile to new markets. Emerge CEO Gregory Stevens explained the strategy behind promoting the platform through affiliates rather than taking on the responsibility itself.

“Traditional online digital marketing channels, such as Google Ads and Facebook, are saturated by competition and represent an expensive way to market digital products globally. Affiliate network marketing communities provide a non-traditional marketing channel in which communities can get paid for their sales efforts. We have found that the incentive-based sales payment represents a strong motivational drive to incentivise ambassadors of MIGGSTER and other premium quality digital products. This is an innovative and disruptive marketing strategy.”

Stevens added that it also presents affiliates with extra opportunities to be compensated for their sales efforts during the uncertain times caused by COVID-19. “This is empowerment of a community and removes reliance on traditional digital marketing channels by both Emerge and the affiliates alike,” Stevens said.

Stevens will host a live Q&A webinar on 16 September to give shareholders and prospective investors a sneak peak of the platform and talk through the marketing strategy for MIGGSTER Mobile.

Emerge also reiterated that the launch of MIGGSTER Mobile is only the first phase of its partnership with TIM. The next step will see the launch of Emerge’s Cloud Game Streaming solution, an all-in-one gaming and entertainment platform that streams games to a player’s device rather than needing to download individual titles.

This article was developed in collaboration with Emerge Gaming, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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