Droneshield has confirmed the third generation of its rifle-style drone jammer, DroneGun Mk III, is on track for release this quarter.

The new model might come in handy because the drone-jammer reported only $23,325 in actual customer receipts last quarter — despite listing more than $100 million in potential “pipeline” sales in October.

“The company is working on dozens of advanced sales opportunities, ranging from low hundreds of thousands of dollars to tens of millions of dollars each,” the company reassured investors on Tuesday.

Droneshield markets a rifle-style drone jammer, DroneGun, which interferes with drone signals and allows a user to take control of a drone and guide it back to land.

The new DroneGun Mk III would be “a significantly further improved version which incorporates feedback following additional end-user trials”.

Droneshield's (ASX:DRO) shares over the past six months.
Droneshield’s (ASX:DRO) shares over the past six months.

Droneshield also plans to release “within days” a model of the jammer called DroneGun Tactical — which eliminates the need for a backpack holding extra equipment.

Droneshield has announced a series of customer trials recently — including an upcoming evaluation by the US Marines.

The company burned just over $1 million last quarter, leaving about $2.4 million in the kitty at the end of December and expected costs of about $1.3 million this quarter.

The shares closed steady on Tuesday at 22.5c, valuing the company at $12.7 million. The shares have traded beteeen 16.5c and 52c over the past year.