Special report: Global mobile entertainment and digital media specialist Crowd Mobile is poised to capitalise on the exploding influencer market thanks to massive growth in its influencer marketing division.

Stockhead reported recently that Crowd Mobile (ASX:CM8)—soon to be renamed Crowd Media—is set to see its half-year revenues rocket to $1.25 million, a mammoth 250 per cent increase on the entire 2018 financial year, thanks to its Crowd Media division.

Domenic Carosa Chief, says the new Crowd Media division, which includes digital influencer marketing agency Crowd.Agency and its Fortune 500-focused affiliate agency, puts the company in great stead to capitalise on a massive market.

Mediakix, which since 2015 has produced a influencer marketing industry global spend report, says that by 2020 the market could be worth as much as US$10 billion (AU$13.8 billion).

But it’s the value of influencer marketing that Mr Carosa is leading Crowd Media to capture. A whopping 94 per cent of marketers who use influencer marketing find it an effective practice, according to SocialMediaToday, while Tomoson has shown that businesses can earn $6.50 for every dollar spent on influencers.

“Young people these days have ad blockers and they aren’t watching TV,” Mr Carosa says. “So the only way to get your brand messages across is on social media.

“Young people are spending roughly five hours a day on social media, it is the ‘Instagram generation’. And in the last seven years we’ve seen massive growth in digital influencers using social media to promote brands who want to attract the coveted millennial audience.”

Mr Carosa says that while some businesses and agencies have struggled to capitalise on the boom, Crowd Media has invested a great deal of resources into its technology and measurement tools that underpin its offering.

“It is really just a new form of old marketing,” he explains. “Watch a Bond movie and you’ll notice that Heineken and Aston Martin were marketing through those films.

“What we have seen through some of the big names we are working with is that they want to work with one agency and get their message out across a range of countries, not to work with 30 different agencies in 30 different countries.

“We’ve invested really heavily in our technology and that allows us to scale around the world and gives us the ability and flexibility to achieve goals for the companies and brands we work with.”

Industry whispers suggest that one of the Fortune 100 companies that Crowd Media is working with is Apple Music.

Crowd Mobile sells mobile phone-related services and apps to millions of customers in over 50 countries worldwide and drives over 250 social media marketing campaigns each month.

“Millennials are fixated on the likes of Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. The relevance and influence of older media continues to wane. We have the people, technology, and expertise to drive digital advertising for global brands who understand where their target market is. And it’s making all the difference,” Mr Carosa says.

Crowd Mobile is a Stockhead advertiser. 
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