Special Report: The company has laid down the Talking Head platform for growth and is eying its first commercial product as soon as March 2022. 

Media tech company Crowd Media (ASX:CM8) is heading into 2022 with strong momentum across all of its core channels, underpinned by an R&D breakthrough in its artificial intelligence platform

Commenting on the results, CEO Idan Schmorak said the company is now positioned with a diversified product suite as it assembles a growing funnel of potential clients.


Growth strategy

Confirming its operational momentum, Crowd highlighted that cash flows used in operational activities fell to just $133,000 – an improvement of 57% from the previous quarter.

Operationally, Crowd continued to move forward with the development of its flagship ‘Talking Head’ platform – proprietary AI-based digital marketing technology that leverages more than 10 years of data analytics extracted from in excess of 180 million customer Q&A’s.

During Q3, Crowd built out the Talking Head R&D team in Barcelona embedded within its investee company Aflorithmic Labs.

Following its beta launch earlier this year, Crowd is now moving towards the commercial launch of Talking Heads in the first quarter of 2022.

The company also took the decision not to renew its joint-venture partnership with VFR Holdings – a move that allows it to focus all of its development efforts on Aflorithmic’s winning technology ahead of the Talking Head launch, leveraging the IP and new discoveries made by its embedded R&D team.

These advances were all a by-product of Crowd’s substantial and strategic investment in Aflorithmic Labs, an AI voice-cloning specialist. During the quarter, Crowd completed the second investment tranche of investment of GBP 250k (AUD $460k) of the agreed GBP 1.0 million acquisition price for Aflorithmic.

The company continues to generate recurring profits from its mobile subscription division, and has also commenced proof-of-concept with a medical-assistive product linked to a commercial agreement signed with PangeaMed in June 2021.

Along with these operational developments, Crowd has recently announced a key director appointment, with Sytze Voulon joining the board as a non-executive director. Sytze brings with him a wealth of international business experience — most recently in a leadership role at Synlab Analytics & Services which was acquired in 2020 via a €550 million (AUD$851m) merger.

Schmorak said Crowd continued to lay the groundwork for extra scale, cementing its position as a media technology specialist at the fore-front of societal shifts towards human-computer interactions.

“With a special focus on commercialisation, we are using our cutting-edge tech stack to release a light-weight, fast, versatile system that will allow us to deploy our technology in various use cases expanding our prospective client list,” Schmorak said.

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