Special report: Water pollution is a recognised issue that is on the rise globally.

According to UNESCO,  many heavily-polluting industries are moving from developed to emerging and developing markets where up to 80 percent of sewage is discharged untreated, polluting rivers, lakes and coastal areas.

More water purification solutions are needed to address the problem and cleantech companies like Carbonxt have recognised the gap in the market.

That’s why Carbonxt (ASX:CG1) is now extending its services beyond the industrial air purification sector to the water market.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International has certified the Company’s Black Birch manufacturing facility that advances its ability to sell its products in to the municipal potable water sector.

Receiving certification from the NSF International is in most cases a requirement for suppliers in the municipal potable water market and the certification by an independent third party provides additional credibility and recognition.

The Black Birch facility manufactures powdered activated carbon (PAC) in Georgia, US. To date, it has been selling and distributing PAC mainly to coal-fired power stations in the US for the removal of mercury and other toxins that are emitted during production.

With the NSF certification, the facility is well set up to increase the supply of its products to the water sector.

Receiving an NSF certification also diversifies and expands its target market opportunity beyond the industrial air purification sector and significantly increases its addressable market.

The potable water market is estimated to be worth USD155m in North America alone by 2020 and over USD540m globally.

Including its existing industrial air purification target market, Carbonxt’s immediate addressable market globally has increased to over $1bn by 2020.

Many industrial markets are beginning to seek alternative solutions and products that do not utilise bromine in response to global regulators targeting the reduction in usage of the element. Carbonxt is well positioned to leverage its key competitive advantage; the absence of bromine in its products, to become a leading supplier of pollutant removal solutions to the industrial market.

Carbonxt listed on the ASX earlier this year. It stated in its Prospectus additional target markets available beyond the industrial air purification sector. This certification and the three new customers secured in the municipal potable water market earlier this year are evidence not only of the wide range of applications of the product, but also the Company’s ability to execute on its growth initiatives.

Managing Director of Carbonxt, Warren Murphy said the new certification is a significant step forwards for the company.

“It opens up a whole new area of the market. We are now looking at securing new customers and opportunities in the municipal water sector. That is in addition to growing and strengthening our offering and developing our customer base for the more traditional use of our PAC products.”



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