Bridge SaaS is enhancing its National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) software produce to make it easier for providers and enable rapid adoption.

The all-in-one tech platform of Bridge SaaS (ASX:BGE) has announced significant new software product features for NDIS providers to enhance seamless automated integration and drive customer adoption.

BGE software has been approved by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) for API access to NDIS systems, providing the company with a large, growing market opportunity to service the 13,9731 registered and 131,2551 unregistered NDIS providers in the market.

BGE said recent figures show 90% of NDIS providers aren’t registered with the Federal Government and there’s a trend for providers to go unregistered now, which is also presenting opportunities.

The company’s market-based research has highlighted several factors important to the SME component of the NDIS provider market, which is its initial target.

First phase complete

Since listing on the ASX on October 6, 2022, Bridge has been focused on enhancements to the NDIS product which include:

  • Automated sign-up and purchasing
  • Automated trials, and
  • Automated onboarding.

Automating the sign-up/purchasing process delivers a seamless integration experience for NDIS Providers and enables rapid adoption of BGE software.

BGE has now completed the first phase of the automation process with the trialling and onboarding phases to be completed well before the end of FY23.

The product enhancements deliver back-end efficiencies for BGE and reduce the operational costs associated with the current manual purchasing and onboarding processes.

Marketing boost to drive adoption

BGE is now increasing marketing initiatives to drive awareness and adoption in the initial target market of SME NDIS providers.

Bridge’s software has been designed to cater for all operators in the NDIS Provider market.

Managing director and CEO, Jamie Conyngham said the improvements are a significant milestone for the company, aligning BGE with SME operators providing services to NDIS participants.

“These NDIS providers are generally time-poor and are wanting a simple to use software solution which is easy to sign-up and purchase,” he said.

“With the first phase of automation complete, we will be increasing marketing activities to drive adoption with our target customers.”

For more detail on how the new automation pricing works, click here

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