Australia’s crypto stocks were rapidly recovering from a rout on Wednesday and Thursday which saw most in the red.

The volatility was caused by a 34 per cent two-day plunge in the price of bitcoin. The digital currency hit a low of $US9185, but recovered to about $US11,600 around 6.30am AEDT Friday morning.

ASX-listed shares exposed to cryptocurrency and blockchain gained along with bitcoin yesterday.

By midday on Thursday, but Ookami had managed to rack up double-digit gains and Change Financial, Kyckr, Sportshero and the shell company Zyber weren’t far behind.

Kyckr said it had managed to find a reliable source of Chinese registry data to offer to customers.

Ticker Name Price (Jan 17) Price (Jan 18) Price change (one day) Market Cap
YOJ Yojee 26c 27c 0.04 220789792
DCC DigitalX 31.5c 33c 0.05 182075200
CCA Change Financial 96c $1.13 0.18 89685840
MBM Mobecom 36.5c 36c -0.01 67906648
FFG Fatfish Internet Group 9.8c 9.8c 0 48494960
NOV Novatti Group 32c 31c -0.03 46683488
SHO Sportshero 18c 15c -0.16 41368084
FGF First Growth Funds 3.4c 3.2 -0.04 32258920
KYK Kyckr 24c 28c 0.17 28181724
OOK Ookami 8.6 9.1 0.06 27785152
TSN Transaction Solutions International 1.3c 1.2c -0.08 27638172
BPG Byte Power Group 0.9c 0.9c 0 27585630
RFN Reffind 4.1c 4c 0 24228500
CHP Chapmans 1.7c 1.7c 0 22100002
ZYB Zyber Holdings 3.8c 4c 0.08 21386594
PIL Peppermint Innovations 2.2c 2.1c 0.005 20370880
S3R Serpentine Technologies 1.2c 1.1c -0.01 8075046.5
ACL Alchemia 1.3c 1.3c 0 4870854
ICI iCandy Interactive 16c 16c 0 $12,100,000

The damage was caused by a sell down among almost all cryptocurrencies over Tuesday and Wednesday, which saw only 91 of the 1450 coins covered by Coinmarketcap in the black.

Crypto buyers had been spooked by suggestions by the South Korea government that it would ban cryptocurrency trading in the country. Considerable demand for cryptocurrencies comes from Asia.

Today, 1007 of those coins were back in positive territory, and the top four of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple were recovering.

On Wednesday, market leader Bitcoin dropped 16.8 per cent to reach $US11,490, and dipped further to about $US10,500 on Thursday morning.

By midday it had recovered to $US11,456.

Ethereum was still down a per cent and sitting just above $US1000. Ripple was 11 per cent on the day before to reach $US1.33. And Bitcoin Cash fell 2.25 per cent over the last 24 hours to reach $US1752.