• Whispir nabs 3-year Singtel comms contract
  • Revasum US$1,165,370 paycheck protection program loan forgiven
  • Propulsion system leak means a launch delay for Kleos’ KSF2 satellites


Whispir (ASX:WSP)

The SaaS communications workflow platform was up 5.23% today in early morning trade, securing a three-year contract with Singapore telecom giant Singtel (SGX:Z74).

Whispir will replace Singtel’s core SMS notification systems enterprise-wide, while also enhancing app push, email, voice, WhatsApp and rich message capability for internal users.

The platform will be deployed as Singtel’s client-facing platform servicing their existing enterprise clients.

The platform includes modern engagement experiences and actionable insights which will be integrated with Singtel’s internal applications to streamline operations and enhance future communications capabilities.

“We believe this signals a step-change in the way businesses in the region are looking to use the Whispir platform to transform their businesses and communicate more effectively with their stakeholders,” Whispir CEO Jeromy Wells said.

The deal has a minimum contract value of SG$1.3 million for professional services and software licence fees, with transactional usage fee revenue also expected to be generated.



Revasum (ASX:RVS)

Global semiconductor manufacturer Revasum was up 3.2% today.

The company announced that its Paycheck Protection Program loan of US$1,165,370 has been fully forgiven by the Small Business Administration (SBA) – along with additional accrued interest of US$10,650.19.

This comes just a week after Revasum appointed a new COO in Alejandro Garcia (commencing 3 January) who will be responsible for guiding the infrastructure scale-up of the company’s silicon and silicon carbide (SiC) wafer grinding and polishing equipment technology.

The company had purchase orders confirmed for seven pieces of equipment and a US$8.2 million backlog as at 21 December 2021.

Based on forecasted customer demand, Revasum expects to ship 40-50 tools in FY22 and FY23 across its grinding and polishing product lines.

The FY22 revenue is forecast in the range of US$25 million–US$35 million which is a 60%-125% increase in total revenue from FY21–FY22.



Kleos Space SA (ASX:KSS)

The space-enabled radio frequency reconnaissance data-as-a-service company dropped slightly, down 0.67% in early morning trade.

Kleos was informed by Spaceflight Inc. – which is contracted to deploy the company’s Patrol Mission (KSF2) satellites into a sun-synchronous orbit – that there was a leak from the propulsion system of the Sherpa vehicle.

This has resulted in a launch delay from the planned January 2022 deployment.

“Whilst disappointing, this delay does not cause a long-term financial impact to the company, the satellites are undamaged and are expected to launch with as minimum delay as possible, and most importantly there is no impact to the revenue generating life of the mission,” CEO Andy Bowyer said.

“We already have two missions (eight satellites) in orbit that we are continuing to exploit for data collection and revenue opportunities.”

“The new launch date will be communicated to the market once confirmed with Spaceflight Inc.

“The Kleos Observer Mission (KSF3) is on track for mid-22 launch and is unaffected by the Patrol Mission delay.”