• Google Maps navigation now offers energy-efficient routes for electric vehicles
  • Video games developer Playside launches third party publishing division
  • Dotz Nano nabs US patent for bulk liquid tagging, identifying and authentication


Tech giant Google has updated its Google Maps navigation software to now allow drivers of petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars to select the most cost-effective routes.

This will give a unique route for each fuel types, given there are strengths and weaknesses to each with petrol and diesel being more efficient at medium to high speeds than electric vehicles – which are more efficient in low-speed conditions with regular acceleration and deceleration.

On long drives, Google Maps will also incorporate charging locations in the most convenient places for electric vehicle drivers, which means drivers can plan smarter and faster trips.


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The video games developer has launched its third-party publishing division, PlaySide Publishing, which will be focussed on PC and Console and offer a full suite of publishing services for independent developers across the globe.

For context, publishing involves taking a developed game and launching the game to market by performing such services as marketing and communications, game localisation, quality assurance, and release management.

In video game development land it is common practice for a milestone-based investment to be paid by publisher to developer to complete the title prior to launch, with investment and publishing services provided in return for an agreed revenue share model between the publisher and the developer on sales of the title.

“After ten years of developing our own high-quality titles including original IP (Age of Darkness: Final Stand) and third-party projects with the likes of Meta, Disney, and Warner Bros, we have the capabilities and experience to understand the key opportunities and challenges involved in game development,” CEO Gerry Sakkas said.

“We look forward to launching PlaySide Publishing and partner with passionate game developers to successfully launch their titles to market.”



Dotz Nano has been granted a US patent for bulk liquid tagging, identifying and authentication – and is currently in commercial discussions with a leading oil and gas company following a successful field trial.

Currently, samples of certain heavily used liquids can only be measured using time consuming, expensive and complex procedures conducted by skilled lab technicians in specialised labs, generally off-site.

The DTZ patent covers the use photoluminescent carbon nanostructures (PCNs), including carbon and graphene quantum dots (GQDs), which are invisible to the naked eye and don’t react with or affect the qualities of the liquid, to tag or ‘mark’ petrol-derived hydro-carbon materials, like crude oil, petroleum fuels, kerosene, and lubricating oils; aqueous bulk liquids such as adBlue – and edible liquids, such as wines, olive oils and honey.

The tagged sample is then identified using a handheld fluorescence detector which compares in-field samples in close-to-real time to a self-developed calibration solution to determine quantity of the chemical in the sampled liquids.

DTZ says their way means savings in time, personnel costs, direct logistics expenses, as well as indirect expenses due to unintentional overdosing of expensive chemicals.



The social commerce platform provider has entered a joint venture to develop and operate a Web 3.0 platform with RedSquare Technologies Sdn Bhd (RSQ) with the companies to develop and market non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as part of a new suite of Online-to-Offline (O2O) utility applications for brands which leverages the Group’s network of influencers.

Basically, the NFTs will enable consumers to earn rewards and enjoy unique experiences with their favourite influencers, the company says.

For brands, the tokens will provide opportunities to increase revenue, build loyalty and gain access to Web 3.0 analytics

Revenue generation is planned through a two-pronged business model – enterprise managed services and a creator SaaS application.

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