• Elsight nabs commercial order with DroneUp for its Halo connectivity solution
  • Kleos on track for satellite launch in April after it was postponed due to vehicle issues
  • ReadyTech’s Open Office product knocked back for government licensing project


Elsight (ASX:ELS)

Up 6.4% today was Drone connectivity player Elsight, which announced its “Halo” bonded connectivity solution has been selected by DroneUp – a US unmanned aerial vehicle services provider – for the task of controlling drones Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

Secure end-to-end connectivity BVLOS is required to ensure absolute connection confidence in drones used for commercial parcel deliveries.

Elsight said the commercial order validates its potential for further growth in the fast-developing drone industry.

“Such orders are a great indication for Elsight’s suite of connectivity solutions, and our ability to be a solution provider wherever and whenever businesses need absolute and uncompromised connection confidence,” CEO Yoav Amitai said.



Kleos Space (ASX:KSS)

The space-powered radio frequency reconnaissance data-as-a-service company was up 0.7% today, after reporting it’s on track to launch the Kleos Patrol Mission (KSF2) satellites on the SpaceX Transporter-4 mission scheduled for April 2022.

The launch was originally scheduled this month, but was postponed after the Spaceflight orbital transfer vehicle tasked with launching and deploying the satellites experienced technical issues.

“Launching into a sun synchronous orbit, our Patrol Mission satellites will significantly increase our data collection capability and complement the eight satellites we already have in orbit,” Kleos CEO Andy Bowyer said.

“The launch delay does not impact the revenue generating life of the mission.”

The company’s fourth satellite cluster, the Observer Mission (KSF3), is unaffected by the Patrol Mission delay and remains on track to launch in mid-2022.



ReadyTech Holdings (ASX:RDY)

The SaaS company fell by more than 5% in morning trade, after announcing its Open Office product did not secure the government licensing project it was shortlisted for — which means the $8 million project earn-out will not be paid.

ReadyTech said it understands that the potential Government client ultimately selected an alternative option, as opposed to the “out-of-box” configurable product, that is offered by Open Office.

The company acquired the platform in December 2021, which consists of a functional set of source-to-contract management modules, covering the procurement and contract management lifecycle including tenders, compliance, contracts, supplier relationship management and sourcing.

ReadyTech said owing to the more speculative nature of its selection on the shortlist, the project was not included in the company’s gross opportunity pipeline or FY22 guidance.

ReadyTech says it remains focused on innovating, developing and delivering scalable cloud-based solutions to its clients – particularly in its Government and Justice division.