• AXE fabricates microfluidic channels vital for the development of its biochip
  • 4DS drops on Third Non-Platform Lot wafter testing issues
  • Envirosuite nabs an MoU with air quality platform Aeroqual


Archer (ASX:AXE)

Semiconductor player Archer was rose 4% after announcing it had successfully fabricated microfluidic channels required for its biochip, integrated sensor components and other features within them on a silicon wafer.

The fabrication, miniaturisation, and integration of the microfluidic channels is a vital step on the development pathway for the company’s biochip, that would allow tiny amounts of liquid or gas samples (e.g. saliva, blood, breath, etc.) to be analysed.

The biochip requires the advanced fabrication of features like the hair-thin microfluidic channels that allow sample processing such as mixing, chemical or physical reactions.

These channels also allow the transportation of samples to smaller built-in sensors for analysing biochemical targets, for example, of viruses or bacteria.

Archer said it has now miniaturised microfluidic channels to 20 micrometres or less in width on silicon, potentially allowing for 3,000+ channels within 1 cm2, and has also integrated nanosized biosensor components within these channels.


4DS Memory (ASX:4DS)

On the other side of the semiconductor coin, 4DS dropped 43% off the back of testing results from its Third Non-Platform Lot and Second Platform Lot wafers

The results showed that the endurance of the Third Non-Platform Lot memory cells has potentially degraded when compared to the Second Non-Platform Lot performance reported in February.

The company says part of this degradation may be caused by test related issues resulting from testing the memory cell without an access device, and highlights the need to switch from using Non-Platform Lots to using Platform Lots which include imec access transistors.

The Third Platform Lot will also include a test chip – an imec 1 megabit array using 4DS’ ReRAM cells.

4DS expects that the results from the Third Platform Lots in early 2022 will resolve the ambiguity of the endurance test – but the out-of-fab date has been pushed back three months to July 2022.

This means the company has had to negotiate a one year extension of the current agreement with imec which was scheduled to expire by 31 December 2021.

But despite the testing issues and delays, 4DS says the contract renewal reinforces imec’s confidence in the success of the technology.


Envirosuite (ASX:EVS)

And then there’s Envirosuite. The ESG platform was up 2.22% today after announcing an MoU for a strategic partnership with air quality monitoring technology player Aeroqual.

The aim is to pursue joint market opportunities with a packaged offering of Envirosuite’s environmental intelligence technology with Aeroqual’s air quality stations, monitors and technology.

The parties are already engaged on projects in Spain, Malaysia and USA where the partnership has demonstrated the value of the unique solution between Envirosuite and Aeroqual.

“The Envirosuite team is excited to expand our opportunity potential with Aeroqual, a leader in air quality stations, monitors and technology, to complement our EVS Omnis platform, provide expertise and combined solutions for advanced air quality management and intelligence within our respective high-growth industries,” ESG CEO Jason Cooper said.

“We believe this partnership has the potential to help industries to transform their environmental management practices and accelerate growth within mining, waste, wastewater and industrial facilities.”

Aeroqual’s customer base includes AngloGold Ashanti, United States Environmental Protection Agency and New York City Department of Environmental Protection.