• Bluchiip jumps on Fujifilm Irvine Scientific agreement
  • Orcoda reports fifth consecutive cash flow positive quarter
  • WiseTech drops despite two new executive appointments


BlueChiip (ASX:BCT)

Mooning into the stratosphere today was Bluechiip, up ~70% after announcing signing a two-year licence and development agreement with US-based Fujifilm Irvine Scientific (FISI).

FISI manufactures cell culture media, reagents and medical devices for cell therapy, regenerative medicine and assisted reproductive technology (ART) cryogenetics – as well as industrial cell culture for the large-scale production of biotherapeutics and vaccines.

Under the terms of the deal, Bluechiip will customise and develop a range of its miniaturised smart chip MEMs tracking technology for the ART market segment – which will be designed to improve traceability of samples, providing temperature with ID in cryogenic environments.

The deal will make “some contribution” to BCT’s revenues through licence and development fees, Bluechiip MD Andrew McLellan said.

However, “most importantly this agreement provides Bluechiip a solid foothold in a lucrative worldwide market, with a strong international partner,” he said.

“With more than 2.5 million IVF cycles performed globally each year, the total potential market for a new FISI system incorporating Bluechiip enabled technology is attractive and is expected to result in significant business growth.”


Orcoda (ASX:ODA)

Transport and logistics tech player Orcoda was up 17.9% today off the back of a strong quarterly, with its fifth consecutive cash flow positive quarter at $779,000.

Receipts from customers increased by 37% to $4.58 million (up from $3.35 million in the previous quarter) across the company’s resource, healthcare and transport divisions.

Two new innovative tech solutions for its logistics management platform developed during the quarter, with the dynamic solver facilitating on-demand and scheduled transport in one platform and a notification app that instantly notifies users.


Wisetech Global (ASX:WTC)

Down 2.1% was logistics technology large cap Wisetech Global, after appointing two independent non-executive directors in Richard Dammery and Michael Malone.

The appointments are expected to bolster the company’s position as a leading developer and provider or software solutions to the logistics industry.

“As the logistics industry enters an important era of digitalisation, WiseTech’s vision to be the operating system for global logistics is critical,” Dammery said.


BluGlass (ASX:BLG)

Semiconductor manufacturing tech player BluGlass was down 2.3% after releasing its quarterly report, detailing total expenditure of $2,918,000 for the quarter as the company continued to develop and test its commercial laser diode prototypes.

The company is addressing reliability challenges with fabrication specialists – along with newly appointed gallium nitride (GaN) laser diode expert Him Haden who is supporting BluGlass’ push towards commercialisation and profitability.

During the quarter BluGlass also demonstrated working remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD) tunnel junction laser diodes in a world-first proof-of-concept

The prototypes have demonstrated good lasing behaviour, with potential to address the 50% performance loss presently sufferance by GaN laser diodes due to excess heat.


Cipherpoint (ASX:CPT)

Cipherpoint dropped 3.45% despite reporting record September revenue of $376,000 from the Brace168 cyber security platform, and $990,000 in revenue for the quarter.

The company also received a tidy $1.2 million in cash from the sale of software business to archTIS (ASX:AR9) during the quarter.

Looking ahead, Cipherpoint is confident Brace168 has a strong sales pipeline and plans to deploy its cash to scale the business by chasing organic growth and pursuing bolt on acquisitions – like the post quarter acquisition of Tasmanian company Virtual Information Technology.