Special Report: Less than a month since its launch, an analysis of JARVIS results shows it is already exceeding industry benchmarks for Facebook campaigns.

Launched on 18 June, JARVIS — AppsVillage’s (ASX:APV) AI ‘right hand man’ in marketing — has already delivered strong preliminary results from its first round integration with small business customers.

Engineered to serve as an artificially intelligent marketing manager for Facebook advertising and promotional campaigns, JARVIS has been focusing on improving customer reach, call to action results, and user conversions; all of which have been successfully achieved in its first three weeks since inception.

Used primarily by customers within the shopping, retail, beauty and fitness industries, AppsVillage crunched the numbers and found that across 1,000 customers, JARVIS has delivered its promise on being the solution for SMBs suffering from the cost-saving effects of COVID-19.

For beauty and fitness customers, the benchmark for a click-through rate is 1.02 per cent, with a cost per click at $1.85; but with the help of JARVIS, the stats improved to 3 per cent and $1.20 respectively.

The cost per action benchmark also currently sits at $38.33; but JARVIS’s results show $14.00.


“The data and results we’ve found thus far are incredibly encouraging,” said Max Bluvband, founder and CEO of AppsVillage.

“These insights really demonstrate how well JARVIS works, and at a dramatically lower cost than hiring a dedicated marketing manager. We are focused on ensuring our technology is specifically designed to offer the most value to SMBs and deliver better results than our competitors,” said Bluvband.

The company’s long term growth strategy of delivering profitable customer growth has been supported by the launch of JARVIS, and enhance and improve its intelligent automation offering for its global SMB customer base.

This story was developed in collaboration with AppsVillage, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing. This story does not constitute financial product advice. You should consider obtaining independent advice before making any financial decisions.