Special Report: The success of AppsVillage’s advertising campaign management tool has led the ASX-listed software marketplace to launch the tool as a standalone product.

AppsVillage (ASX:APV) released JARVIS in June this year, an automation and management solution for SMBs that allows them to build and manage online advertising and promotional campaigns within Facebook, removing the need for a costly campaign manager

Last week, AppsVillage revealed how successful JARVIS has been since launch, with new sales leads for SMBs growing 300%, costs-per-lead dropping 50% and the number of monthly ads posted by customers doubling across shopping, retail and beauty, and cosmetic industries.

That success has led to AppsVillage’s decision to offer JARVIS as a standalone product for SMBS. The tool has previously only been available to subscribers of AppsVillage’s flagship app-development platform, allowing the company to engage with an even broader customer base.

JARVIS will initially be offered under a freemium model for non-subscribers, who can access the tool via a standalone app and pay once per advertisement.

The standalone version will include the same features as the subscriber version, including a powerful lead generator and three-click full advertisement cycle from creative through to lead generation.

Importantly for AppsVillage, JARVIS can integrate with third-party SMB service providers including mobile carriers, credit providers and financial service operators for promotional and advertising purposes.

“AppsVillage has the potential to become a game changer for small businesses. We see them as a frontrunner in creating online presence, enabling SMBs to grow through intelligent advertising campaign management,” said Guy Ruck, Facebook’s head of Israel domestic market.

The standalone version of JARVIS is expected to launch by Q4 2020.

This article was developed in collaboration with AppsVillage, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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