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This latest video conference focuses on hydrogen.

The green energy transition is forging ahead, with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) recently releasing energy transition scenarios – one of which could see the grid almost entirely decarbonise by 2035.

If there’s a rapid update of new technologies like green hydrogen, green steel and policies to support decarbonisation, Australia could well and truly become a hydrogen superpower.

The Federal Government is focused on low emissions technologies like carbon capture storage (CCS) – a move backed by ARENA and Australia’s gas industry body APPEA who reckon natural gas with CCS is a pathway to a large-scale clean hydrogen industry.

While there could be some teething issues, small-scale projects could kick off the transition, with green hydrogen potentially playing a major role in remote areas outside of major electricity grids.

Plus, with increasing ESG pressure on companies from investors for sustainable operations with a lower carbon footprint, now could be the time for resources companies to capitalise on green energy.

Speaking with a handful of emerging companies making waves in the sector, along with industry experts, we find out what’s in store for hydrogen.

Look below for an interview with industry with Jai Mirchandani and presentations by Brad Lingo, Geoff Ward, Martin Carolan, Kerry Parker, Stephen Gauld, Brendan Norman and Richard Poole.

Session 1 – Expert Interview

Sky News and CNBC business journalist Oriel Morrison interviews Jai Mirchandani, founder and portfolio manager of ELM Responsible Investments.

ELM is a leading Melbourne based boutique investment firm focused on sustainable, long-term investments in Australia and New Zealand.

Session 2 – Company Presentations

Pilot Energy Ltd (ASX:PGY)
Brad Lingo, Chairman

Pilot Energy is a Sydney based oil and gas exploration and production company that is aggressively pursuing the diversification and transition to the development of integrated renewable energy, hydrogen and carbon management projects leveraging existing oil and gas assets to cornerstone these developments.

Hazer Group Ltd (ASX:HZR)
Geoff Ward, Managing Director & CEO

Hazer Group is a pioneering ASX-listed technology development company undertaking the commercialisation of the HAZER® Process, a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process.

Global Energy Ventures Ltd (ASX:GEV)
Martin Carolan, Managing Director & CEO

Global Energy Ventures is an energy transition company with a mission to deliver compressed shipping solutions for transporting energy to regional markets.

Australian Future Energy Pty Ltd
Kerry Parker, CEO

Australian Future Energy is focused on its flagship $1 billion clean hydrogen production facility in Gladstone Queensland. Clean hydrogen will be produced in the form of ammonia, recognised today as one of the most efficient and effective ways to transport hydrogen.

Infinite Blue Energy
Stephen Gauld, Managing Director & CEO

Infinite Blue Energy is a true zero carbon commercial green hydrogen producer, the first of its kind in Australia.

H2X Global 
Brendan Norman, CEO

H2X is a hydrogen vehicle marker focused on bringing zero-emission vehicles to roads.

Verdant Earth Technologies
Richard Poole, CEO

Founded in 2018, Sydney based Verdant Earth Technologies is an Australian hydrogen, green energy asset and technology developer. Richard Poole is CEO of Verdant Earth technologies and founder of Arthur Phillip.