StockTalk is a new Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of experts discussing a new investment topic each week. In this edition, host Dr Nigel Finch discusses how the dramatic rise in remote work is driving a ‘bandwidth boom’ for telco and cloud service providers. 

Populating the experts panel this week is Harley Grosser, founder of Capital H Management, Joseph Demase, managing director of 5G Networks (ASX:5GN) and Karl Redenbach, CEO and co-founder of Livetiles (ASX:LVT).

The group discuss a range of topics, including the ability of Australian firms to adapt to changing ways of working, how permanent the COVID-19 induced remote work shift will be, key stocks that will benefit from the ‘bandwidth boom’ and much more.

So tune in above to hear the panel answer these questions and more.