Chris Corrigan, logistics legend and a key figure in the 1990s waterfront dispute, has popped up on the board and share register of gold junior Hawthorn Resources.

Mr Corrigan, a former chief of logistics play Qube Holdings, has joined Hawthorn as a non-executive director.

Now based in Switzerland, Mr Corrigan has become a substantial shareholder in Hawthorn (ASX:HAW) through his advisory firm Belfort Investment Advisors. Belfort owns 17.5 per cent of Hawthorn.

A Hawthorn spokesperson said the company was pleased to welcome someone of Mr Corrigan’s calibre  given his extensive experience in the corporate world.

Mr Corrigan has had some involvement in a Hawthorn Kalgoorlie project called Anglo Saxon.

Belfort helped underwrite an entitlement offer to raise $6 million to fund Hawthorn’s share of the Anglo Saxon development costs.

Mr Corrigan stood down from Qube in June, focusing his attentions on ASX-listed agriculture group Webster where he become executive chairman in February last year. Mr Corrigan, also through Belfort, holds 12.87 per cent of Webster.

To most Australians, Mr Corrigan is best known for his role in the 1998 Australian waterfront dispute, in which he tried to sack a heavily unionised workforce and replace it with strike-breakers. The dispute led to reform and restructuring of dockyard labour practices.

Hawthorn, along with its joint venture partner GEL Resources, announced a decision to mine at Anglo Saxon in August.

Anglo Saxon lies 140 km northeast of Kalgoorlie and has an estimated mine life of 18 months. A review of underground mining potential will take place in last six months of operations which may extend the life of the project.

Investors liked the news of Mr Corrigan’s appointment. Hawthorn finished the day 8 per cent higher at 5.2c.