• Testwork on North Stanmore project has demonstrated outstanding recoveries of 93% for high value magnet rare earths
  • Metallurgical results also confirmed high recoveries of scandium (50% Sc2O3) which is a rare, versatile and valuable metal
  • North Stanmore now advances to project study phase with a scoping study set to kick off


Special report: Testwork at Victory Metals’ North Stanmore project has demonstrated ‘outstanding’ recoveries of 93% for high value magnet rare earths.

Recent exploration at Victory Metals (ASX:VTM) North Stanmore project centred on proving up the high concentrations of dysprosium and terbium via infill drilling.

The project, which already hosts a whopping 250Mt resource, has turned up ratios of 7.75% dysprosium-terbium with a combined value 900% higher than the most valuable light rare earths.

Using a simple physical screen carried out by Core Resources, VTM has discovered it can deliver a 63% increase in TREO grade to 1,526ppm across all samples.


Leach test work results

Results from recent leach test work on beneficiated samples from North Stanmore have returned increased recoveries for an ionic regolith clay rare earth project of 93% for critical magnet metals praseodymium, neodymium, dysprosium, and terbium.

Core conducted diagnostic metallurgical testing on a composite blend of the beneficiated samples which had a head grade of 1283 ppm total rare earth oxide (TREO), which was sourced from 23 samples and 13 drill holes.

The initial atmospheric leach test work program was trialled at elevated temperatures and variable leaching conditions compared to previous work.

These test conditions yielded recoveries of 94% praseodymium, 94% neodymium, 92% dysprosium, and 91% terbium with a combined recovery of 93% magnet rare earth elements (MREE).

Scandium recoveries of up to 50% were also achieved.


Upgraded resource and scoping study to come

“I am immensely proud of our team’s achievements in positioning the North Stanmore rare earth discovery as a leading Australian critical mineral project,” VTM CEO and executive director Brendan Clark says.

“We eagerly anticipate upcoming milestones, including an upgraded resource and scoping study, which will further demonstrate the project’s viability.

“With its unparalleled ratios of critical heavy rare earth elements and associated by-products, such as scandium, copper, cobalt, and nickel, North Stanmore holds immense promise for the future.”


Upcoming work

Victory will conduct further metallurgical test work to recover these by-products, along with Scandium Oxide (Sc2O3).

The company is looking to share the results of this MREC test product with potential off take partners and will conduct further metallurgical leach tests on the -53-micron beneficiated material and +53 micron reject material.

This follow-up program will be structured to confirm the ultimate optimised leaching conditions.



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